Friday, April 20, 2012

Charlie Manson Released an Album?

That's right everyone.  Convicted murdered Charlie Manson released an album.  Before beginning his career as a sadistic cult leader, Manson had aspirations of becoming a musician.  After his arrest for the Tate murders, the one and only Phil Kaufman got hold of the recording and had them released under the name "Lie:  The Love and Terror Cult."

Due to California laws preventing criminals from profiting from their crimes, Manson was unable to collect on the earning which were turned over to a program that assists the victims of violent crimes.

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Manson's work has been covered multiple times though buy artists ranging from the Beach Boys to Front Line Assembly and Guns and Roses.

While never successful in and of itself, given Manson's history and reputation, "Lie:  The Love and Terror Cult" has to stand out as having the most unusual origins of any rock album.

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