Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who Were Brinsley Schwarz?

Brinsley Schwarz was a British Pub band active from 1968 - 1975.   They were named for their guitarist Brinsley Schwarz.

brinsley schwarz
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While Brinsley Schwarz was successful on the pub circuit, they only flirted with larger success.  In an incident known at the Brinsley Schwarz hype, their manager flew a group of British reporters to the US to hear them play in New York.  Their performance was not strong however and a string of bad reviews followed.  The band released several other albums but the bad press and an ever changing sound kept them from building a large following.

Know almost exclusively as a live band, Brinsley Schwarz's biggest success came as the opening band for Paul McArtney's band Wings.

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