Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Happened to The New Vaudeville Band

The New Vaudeville Band are unique in that none of the band members who appeared in the touring group were members of the band who recorded their one number one hit.

The original members of The New Vaudeville Band were musicians gathered together in 1966 by songwriter Geoff Stephen to record "Winchester Cathedral"  a song he had written in the style of 1920's dance music.  When the song became an unexpected Gold hit, Stephen found that none of the original members were available to tour so he re-formed the band with entirely new members.

The New Vaudeville Band
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While the new group found some success with a single called Peek a Boo, the suffered the same fate as Taco and other musicians who have scored out of genera hits.  Once the novelty wore off the public had little interest in the band.  The New Vaudeville band ended in 1968 when member Bob Kerr left to form his own band Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band.

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